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  • Date de sortie: a successful veteran police detective whose life always seemed to work out well enough. Yet he was always searching for more – whatever it might take to make his time on earth meaningful. And like most, he hoped to find true love and happiness in his life journey. A well rounded man, Jack moved up in the ranks in his career, had been a role model to kids, treated his family with respect and love. It was quite by accident that he found himself falling for a beautiful, up and coming criminal defense lawyer, Aponi Rhodes, who was almost twenty years his junior. Ironically, she was also on the prosecuting end of a case being built against his former police partner, Mike Deluca. Could their differences stack the cards against them. Jack’s hangouts were more of a pool hall with a cheap bar, while Aponi fit right in with the hip New York club scene. She was adored by many close friends, while Jack was more reserved and a loner. They were both products of unhappy childhoods, perhaps forcing them to overachieve in their adult lives. Aponi and Jack’s private struggles helped them forge a bond of understanding and love that would go far beyond just the physical. Yet, sometimes twists and turns in one’s life are too great for one to bear. The startling revelations that expose themselves upon Aponi’s Grandmother’s death could forever drive them apart.

  • Réalisateur: 49 Min.
  • Acteur: N/A
  • Genre: Drame
  • IMDB: N/A N/A votes
  • Titre original:
  • Durée:
    Oct. 17, 2016

A loving family, a successful career, finding true love. The things we all strive for in life. Many find their paths to be easy and straightforward – others are like metal to magnets, being pulled in directions with no control of their own. This is the story of Jack Hipp

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